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Original paintings, handmade prints, replicas and silver jewellery.The art and design of Ned Pamphilon, Taner Alakuş, Meral Saatçi and other artists. Welcome to İstanbul1881.  

İstanbul has been the centre of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and today is the cultural capital of the secular Republic of Turkey.“Like humanity itself, Istanbul is young yet old, vibrant yet decaying, traditional yet unconventional. 

There are few cities in the world that reflect the untethered human spirit, as does this one.These contrasts make Istanbul alive and fascinating and are embodied by her people. Sometimes it can feel impossible to do anything here, yet anything can seem possible in Istanbul.” said Ned Pamphilon in 1997. Location, location, location. İstanbul and Turkey provide a geo-political centre in today’s world. A healthy Turkey can support a healthy wider world. 1881 is the birth year of the founder of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Atatürk said about art: “A nation, when deprived of art and artists, cannot have a complete life.”Atatürk bequeathed Turkey’s independence day to children along with a wonderful, international, simple, profound an direct message: Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış - Peace At Home Peace In The World I guess it is debatable which of our nations actually adheres to this message, but it remains one to aspire to. I also like this quote:

“Freedom consists of man’s ability to do what he thinks and desires without any influence or intervention by others. This is the broadest definition of the concept. Mankind has never attained liberty to this extent and never will because as is known, men are creations of nature and nature itself is not absolutely free either; it is subject to universal laws.”Ataturk c.1930

Ned Pamphilon's paintings and replicas on this page. Online art gallery, replicas and canvas

Original Paintings & Replicas

Replicas and canvas printings of original paintings of Ned Pamphilon. 

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Fine designed Jewelery

Meral Saatçi's silver and gold designs. Come and find out the new arrivals.

Our Artists

Ned Pamphilon

English artist Ned was born in1963. Despite gaining a BA (Hons) Architecture going on to become a DJ at London Soho’s renowned Marquee Club. His first vist to Turkey was while singing with a band touring European countries in 1988. He had always drawn and music gradually took a back seat as painting became his primary focus. Commissions, exhibitons and projects took place from Saudi Arabia to Texas to Malaysia. Ned produced his first art exhibiton in Istanbul in 1995 and over the years became increasingly invlved with the country and the Turkish people; from producing a first contemporary art exhibiton at the Grand Bazaar in 1999, ‘Istanbul? Yeah!’, to ‘Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal’ at Palladium shopping mall in 2014 where a 24 hour time lapse painting of Atatürk was broadcast on national TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHACIjlYetg One of the 7 regions of Turkey is called Pamphylia suggesting there is a historic destiny between Turkey and Pamphilon.... “The name Pamphilon can be found as far back in time as the year BC 350 when one Pamphilus is recorded as being a great painter. Another suffered in AD 309, he being a man of profound learning with regard to the Scriptures and Christian writings. It is also possible that the name could have originated from the region of Pamphylia, located along the southern coast of modern Turkey." From Pamphilon An Essex Family by Michael Coyne Ned quotes US Italian Trends Forecaster as to why music and art are powerful: “Verdi’s main objective in composing the music he did was to raise the spirit of the Italian people... it was almost a bloodless revolution. It worked. The model exists. He did it with music... calm the savage breast.” When asking why art might be importan, Ned’s favourite art critic Brian Sewell responded 04 April 2010, “I don’t know why art is necessary, only that it is. All who in the 1940’s braved bombs to see one painting in the National Gallery knew it too.”

Taner Alakuş

Artist was born in 1966 in Ankara . He studied and gained his BA degree at the University of Mimar Sinan, Faculty of Fine Arts(MSU), Department of Traditional Turkish Arts, Illumination Section between 1982-1986. After the graduation he followed his postgraduate studies at the same department and awarded with master of art degree. He currently works as a miniature arts tutor at the same university. He had his illumination studies from Assistant Professor Dr. Tahsin Aykutalp. His miniature skills are tought by Yakut Cem who also was a tutor at The Mimar Sinan University . His works are in collections in and out of Turkey. He exhibitied his works joint and solo exhibitions.

Meral Saatçi

Was born in Kuşadası.Since 1985, she is living in İstanbul. In 1996 she started her career with semi precious stones. In order to gain a different perspective and expand her vision, she joined bead making workshops by the glass artist Michaela Köppe at the Glass Furnace Foundation, in Turkey in 2003.

She has been designing collection for one of Turkey’s significant fashion companies, the Boyner Group’s brands Beymen Club since 1996 and QUE since 2007. She has participated in four different group exhibitions. My works were exhibited and sold for a long time at the Washington DC National Museum’s Shop, as the first Turkish jewellery artist. Under the Leadership of Ay Marka Group, she has designed and produced the pomegranate bracelets for the “Strong Women, Happy Tomorrows” Pomegranate Seeds Projects, which was realised for the young girls in the orphanages.

During the Awareness Parade of the children with with Down Syndrome who walked with the slogan “Real friends do not count the chromosomes”. Consequently she designed butterfly bracelets and started a campaign with the Down Syndrome Association in Turkey. All the income was transferred to the project “Welcome Baby”.

At the moment, I give my support with “farkındayım” bracelets.

For Koruncuk Foundation, I created a bracelet line called “El ver Hayata Tutunsun” in order to support the kids who cannot afford their basic needs and those who need protection.

She designs for modern women who seek the simplicity and designing details.

She uses silver, gold, copper and all natural materials.


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